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"I started getting serious about exercise and wanted to a find a good trainer who knew what he was talking about and could help me achieve my goals. I was a beginner searching online through all kinds of exercise theory until I found Dan. He is the real deal. He really knows his stuff and he practices what he teaches. He has taught me how to do the exercises correctly and with good form. He has worked with and shared ideas with many prominent people in the field. Most importantly he is an individual that is committed to self improvement and learning. He does not claim to be an all knowing "expert" or "guru," although I would certainly classify him as one. I've been doing kettlebell training and barbell training with Dan for a few months now and have been very happy with the results. I don't feel like I need to train under anyone else. If you're looking for good trainer in the Baltimore area, Dan is your man."

- Matt Fioravante, Software Designer

"I recently went thru an introductory kettlebell workout with Dan Cenidoza of Be-More Training. Dan spent some time on my staff when I served as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Baltimore Ravens (NFL). He is well versed in various types of lifting techniques, philosophies and protocols. I found the workout both challenging and fun. Whether you are a new or experienced kettlebell lifter, I would strongly recommend Dan's services."

- Jeff Friday, Baltimore Ravens (formerly)

"I was introduced to Dan as I was looking to get more serious about fitness and start working out with kettlebells. Having never worked with a coach before, I didn't know what to expect. The 18 months I worked with Dan were a real eye-opener and very life-changing. He would consistently challenge me, both physically and mentally. As I was relatively new to working out regularly, he taught me how to ignore the doubts in my mind and develop the confidence to push myself to new limits. When I started with Dan, I was "gassing out" on tests with 12 and 16kg bells; I'm now dead-lifting double my body weight and pressing a 32kg. Dan kept me motivated, even on the days that I wasn't feeling 100%. His diverse knowledge and background allows him to tailor workouts to individual needs and adjust them "on-the-fly" if he notices a problem with technique. I can't thank Dan enough for what he's done for me. You can't go wrong, whether you're a newbie or a veteran!"

- Rob Ferguson, Firefighter

"I have been involved in the fitness field since 1993. It is refreshing to see someone like Dan to come into the exercise realm. Dan is not an armchair sitting, chrome and fern trainer. He is the real deal. I met Dan through local Strongman competitions in Maryland. As I got to know more about him through our contact through the years...all I can say is I am amazed. He is like a walking encyclopedia of fitness knowledge. And, what is great is he tests all his training protocols on himself and his friends. He can relate to you how to get "bigger, faster, and stronger" not only from his acedemics in college but real life experience. There are too many "junk fitness" instructors these days and Dan parts these "gurus" like the Red Sea! If you need more fitness,strength, or exercise knowledge, then you need Be-More Training. You need Dan!"

- Keith Dickey, Body Energy

"I took a 4-hour class with Dan. He is very knowledgeable about the proper form to be used when using kettlebells and takes the time to ensure that you are using that form throughout the exercise. He took special care when working with me (a very tightly-muscled runner!) to help me through some flexibility challenges that I had. I learned a lot in this class and would recommend it for others."

- Jennifer Lentz, Personal Trainer

"Although I've only been working with Dan for a short time, his methods, experience and personality have me coming back again and again. When we first started, some of his techniques where intimidating but after a couple sessions I felt confident that with Dan's knowledge and support I could become a pro. Dan knew exactly what to say and how to demonstrate to help me get each new exercise on the first try. He was also able to develop a work out that helped and not hurt some old sports injuries. He is very outgoing, listens to my whining, but doesn't take any 'stuff', if you know what I mean. He has gotten me motivated about working out again when I thought nothing could."

- Jennifer Ankrom, Configuration Manager

"Dan is a Monster!" "That's what I thought after I heard he Deadlifted 4 Beasts Simultaneously (you read that correctly, 4) at the RKC in Philly! 2 in each hand, Roughly 424lbs. If you need proof there is a pic on this site under Philly RKC 2010. I had verification because Dan was an assistant on my Team. During the RKC I really struggled with my squat technique. My other lifts were acceptable but that one. Dan noticed this and spent alot of time cueing me and helping correct my form. Putting me in better posistions to maximize my technique. He kindly volunteered me to be a guinea pig for Brett Jones during a Q & A. That was an eye opener to say the least. I learned alot about my limitations during that session and was glad to have my weakness exposed. That means I have more work to do and now have a plan of attack. I have gotten stronger in those areas since then through quality practice. Getting me closer to where I want to be. He was instrumental in my passing the RKC and I am sincerely Grateful to him. If you have a chance you will certainly not go wrong with Dan Cenidoza."

- John Bair, RKC

"After I bought a kettlebell, I was convinced that I needed training on how to perform the exercises so I can benefit from all the advantages of a kettlebell. I found Dan in the DragonDoor list of trainers, and after a short phone conversation, I had a lesson the next day. It took a few minutes to realize that Dan is an outstanding coach with a deep knowledge of the kettlebell and physical fitness. I never was involved in weight training before and thanks to Dan advice and teachings, I was able to make big improvements and enjoy and discover how great kettlebells are. Dan always has been very optimistic with my progress, and that has been reflected in my performance. I have complete trust in his advice, and he cares to find a program to fit my individual need. Besides all of Dan impressive personal accomplishments, he has the unique talent of being a great caring teacher, of motivating you, and of challenging you to produce real change."

- Miguel Andriolo, Statistician

"I was searching for a trainer for my son to prepare for the upcoming HS football season, so I searched the internet. I wanted a power/strength trainer with credentials, not to turn my son over to anyone who could lift weights. I came across Be More Training's website. I noticed the feats of strength and his resume' (all very impressive). I liked the fact that Dan's wasn't some muscle bound, adonis. I researched kettle bell training and the benefits, after that I was sold. My son trained with Dan twice a week. He progressively became confident and stronger, after training with Dan over an 8 week period. The last 3 football games of the season he played D-line and O-line, without coming out of the game. Only to prove, he was in great physical condition from Dan's tutelage. He is preparing for college football over the summer with Dan. I am fortunate that he conditions the mind, as well as, the body and that knowledge can be used for a lifetime."

- David Ridgeley Sr. & Jr.

"I discovered Dan when I was trying to find a kettlebells instructor. I was interested in learning more about kettlebells--especially because of the way the strength-endurance exercise could really cut down on the amount of time I had been spending doing separate cardio and weight exercises. Dan encouraged me to come in and have a session or two before committing to purchasing kettlebells to use at home--and I'm glad I did, because I would have bought the wrong size. He had all of the different weights for us to use, and started out with a nice introduction to the practice and art of kettlebells. I immediately felt comfortable with him, and in our first session started to see (and feel!) the impact kettlebells can have on my health and fitness. Dan was great, working with me as I was learning to accurately do the various exercises. He was always flexible and willing to address any questions I had, and worked with me to create a plan for an exercise routine I could do at home. I purchased my own kettlebells after a few sessions--Dan was a great trainer to introduce me to kettlebells. I look forward to returning to him as I refine my practice."

- Jessica, Grad Student

"After reading about kettlebell training for some time, I needed someone to show me how to put it into practice. I wanted to blend the kettlebells with my PLing training. Dan came highly recommended. Obviously he practices what he preaches and can spot and correct where necessary. He has worked with a wide range of people, and can tailor anyone's training to exceed their goals. I gotta believe he is a far superior trainer to anyone in the area. I look forward to future training sessions as Dan Cenidoza gives me both the knowledge and motivation to get it done."

- David Kafes, Financial Advisor



"I have 11 years of bodybuilding under my belt. After a few disapointing national contests I decided I wanted to try strongman. How tough could the transition be? Much tougher than expected. Dan is a wealth of information in all aspects of training. He shared with me many ways to improve my muscle "function". He has actually been trying to give me advice for several years, but I was too stuck in my ways. I guess I am eating crow now. Dan has a very well rounded view of training. He has been through it all himself. Anything he would have you do he has experienced. Don't forget to mention the college degree and certifications that add to his resume. His combination of knowledge and experience would be beneficial to anyone looking to improve themselves physically."

- Jason Dayberry, Physical Education Instructor


I first wanted to thank you for all the knowledge you have shown me in physical training. The wealth of knowledge will serve me for many years to come. Especially the different exercises and techniques to keep muscle confusion at the max. I could not have found a better trainer and motivator than yourself. I would not have reached the potential that I have without the encouragement and techniques used in your training. There was never a question you could not answer or find an answer to. Your work as a strong man definitely helped and the added bonus of grip training. I went to the gym yesterday and some trainer came up to me and tried to correct me on an exercise but could not elaborate on why! So I did not take his advice for if he could not explain then he truly could not justify his method. The other wonderful thing about gyms are the others that have to get on the machine right next to you and try and show off. This would have been annoying in the past but thanks to your training and in site I just laugh (not out loud) but inside and carry on to what I am doing. I know that the only person I need to impress is myself and continue to make progress. I went up with my friend the other day and he said the next day that he has not put in as much work as I put him through in 3 months he's been working out. We also did not compromise form, just multiple exercises mostly new techniquies for him. Another noticable difference since your training is how low my heart beat is at the end of my workouts about 112-120, 20 less than my buddy that did the same workouts."

- Brian Schreiber, Communication Technician

"I attended a Dan Cenidoza presentation for the NSCA and it was AWESOME! Going over the history and application of kettlebells for athletic performance, Dan was confident, thorough and innovative in his real-world presentation. Personally, Dan has helped me with the form on the base kettlebell exercises and has also provided instruction during countless strongman training sessions. Dan is relentless in his pursuit of knowledge and relentless in his mental toughness when training. That is inspiring!"

- Jim "Smitty" Smith, Diesel Crew

"As a personal trainer, Dan is excellent. There is just no comparing him to other trainers - they don't stand a chance. No matter what your age or issues, Dan listens to you and he will happily work with you to put together a fitness routine that is appropriate for you. He has the knowledge to help you become motivated and fit. Anyone at any age or fitness level will benefit from working with Dan. As a bonus, he has a great sense of humor and personality also. Don't even waste your time with anyone else."

- Trish Leeb, Maryland MTA

"I've been familiar with Dan and his training methods for about 4 years now. Interesting enough the majority of those 4 yrs were spent watching his KB videos and reading his articles through his website and blog. It wasn't until my recert in Philly in September that the virtual became a reality when I was placed in Team Caines group, where Dan was an assistant instructor for the weekend. A lot of what I have learned and what inspired me to start seriously training with Kb's came from Blogs like Dan's and it was a pleasure learning from him. To begin with, his leadership skills and directness are qualities I place at the top of my instructor list as assets that I attain to on a regular basis and use to reinforce my instruction. With teaching comes listening....Dan displayed this regularly during RKC Philly, by entertaining numerous questions and engaging fellow participants with critical thinking. Whether it was a new kettlebeller asking a basic question or someone (like myself) with more honed skills looking to perfect the kettlebell basics, Dan made himself available not only to teach the skill but to make sure the participant understood the purpose of the skill. He did all of this with humility, was nonjudgmental and with the utmost respect. John Adams Said, "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." And that's Dan. Sounds like the foundation of a future RKCTL to me!!"

- Justin Thompson, RKC

"I started with Dan in a class at a local high school. My wife thought it would be good therapy for rehibilitating my knee after surgery. I explained this to Dan and he knew exactly what to do. Squats, squats and more squats. I started from barely being able to do 3 sets with an empty bar to over 200lbs now. He is a great motivator and I have yet to met any other trainer that is his equal. Oh yeah, can't forget about the kettle bells. These things get your heart racing incredibly fast. What a great cardio work out. Thanks Dan for getting me going. I just love going to the gym and working out. And Dan is really cool to boot."

- Jason Leeb, Design Engineer

"I started attending Dan's group sessions after a year or two of inconsistent training on my own with k-bells. I thought I had the movements down, but learned I still had a lot of work to do. He's very good at working with you regardless of your experience and is not a bore. I look forward to it every Monday and would refer any of my friends or co-workers."

- Chris, Director of Academics

"Very helpful training. Dan has a good knowledge of fitness."

- Earl Corso, Business Consultant

"In 2004, Dan introduced me to kettlebells. I was already deadlifting triple bodyweight for reps, so I was pretty confident that it wouldn't be that big a deal to toss around a few of the bells like he did. Wow, was I wrong. A few minutes of training and I realized 1) he was a LOT stronger than I was, 2) kettlebells have a lot to offer, and 3) Dan's a guy who could show me that stuff. Dan is a unique combination of knowledge and performance. He's not just a smart, experienced, intuitive trainer; he truly practices what he preaches and has the record to back it up.

Since then, I bought some bells of my own. After a couple months of practicing the swing and press techniques that Dan demonstrated, I improved my deadlift and military press both by 30 pounds. Kettlebells are now a mainstay in my training, and I've gone on to deadlift 600 pounds for 4 reps, at only 170 pounds bodyweight. I credit Dan with my original initiation into the world of kettlebells and continued inspiration along the way. I only wish I'd let him teach me a few more kettlebell exercises right from the start."

- Jeff Steinberg, RKC

"Dan from Be-More Training is a excellent motivator. He has helped me increase my overall body strength by 150%. My press has increased to a level I never thought would be possible! And on top of my strength increases I have lost 3% body fat. By following the routines Dan has regimented I am in the best shape of my life! We are already scheduling out goals for next month and next year! Thanks Dan and thanks BE-MORE Training!"

- Eddie Peterson, Software Engineer

"At first, I didn't really like the agility program [Dan] set up for us... but now I can see now how it really paid off."

- Name Withheld, Female Highschool Basketball player

"I met Dan when I was first getting serious about training. As I have learned and trained more Dan has always surprised me with intelligent and useful insights into my training needs. Dan has earned the respect of many of the biggest names by always having one more trick up his sleeve, the correct exercise to help them out and the ability to perform on demand, proving that his methods work."

- Mike Amos, Dumbarton Barbell Club

"Dan is very well informed on the subject of weight training. He explained how to do it and what benefits to expect. I wanted to strengthen my back muscles and I did with Dan's help. I would definitely take this class again."

- Gary Pohlner, Carpenter

"I have been attending Dans' kettle bell class for the past ten weeks. I have been pleasantly surprised by the results. I have been a runner for over twenty years and never got the results ( muscle tone, strength and endurance)that I have experienced from this workout. Dan is a great trainer who is committed and motivated.I'm hooked on kettle bells and plan on continuing."

- Wanda Sweitzer, Nurse

"Working in Dan's Kettlebell Class has helped me improve my quality of life. Not only do I feel better, I've toned and firmed muscles I didn't even know I had! Kettlebell is a great way to get into shape, and Dan is great instructor, teaching our class new and exciting techniques and challenging us to reach our maximum potential, while still remaining supportive and approachable. It's been a great experience and I'll definitely be signing up for another of his classes."

- Eric Vaal, Dining Administrator

"Dan has heard all the excuses and still displays understanding and support, as if your's is the first. He keeps you moving and keeps you commited to doing your very best. I think he is simply great, and no matter how many classes I may miss (due to some legitimate excuse), he welcomes me back. I will stick with him until the abs are FLAT!!! "

- Zina Kendall, Nurse

"Dan is a wonderful kettlebell instructor. He has a wealth of knowledge and it is very evident. He motivates you and keeps it fresh! I also love the fact that our class has a variety of ages and abilities. Dan makes kettlebells accessible to everyone!I picked up my first kettlebell at one of Dan's classes several weeks ago and I am hooked! "

- Angel Keil, Social Worker

"As a strength coach I am very critical of others in my profession. However when I met Dan at a recent Dragon Door certification I got to know him and pick his brain a bit about training, fitness and life! Not only is the guy super strong and super fit, this guy has "in the trenches" experience that few coaches will ever have. From working with Professional athletes to working with house wives to senior citizens, this guy can take any person and make them reach their potential. I highly recommend Dan as a coach, trainer and teacher. Stay close to this guy and you will achieve the highest level of fitness and health!"

- Franz Snideman, Revolution La Jolla

"No doubt, Dan is SHARP! I had the opportunity to work with Dan for my 1st CK-FMS screening and getting my RKC basic skills re-evaluated. He did an excellent job working with me. Very helpful information given to achieve more results for my weaknesses, as well as improving my strengths. I highly recommend Dan if you want to take your fitness to another level. "Dan's the Man"!!!"

- La Saun Taylor, RKC

"Mr. Cenidoza is an excellent instructor. I accomplished my fitness goal of a gaining 10 pounds of muscle, not fat.Thank you Dan!"

- Laurie Anderson, Purchasing Assistant

"I am so happy I decided to start the kettlebell class with Dan. He is a incredible instructor. Although I may hassel him throughout the workout I totally love the results on my body. I look forward to my bi-weekly work outs with Dan. He pushes me to work at my hardest and I am completely greatful!! I can't see me ever leaving the class!! "

- Jodi Stevens, Social Worker

"Dan has been instrumental is motivating me to continue my kettlebell instruction. He has also been a mentor encouraging me to always continue to perfect my form. He is definitely someone to look up to."

- Jim "Smitty" Smith, Diesel Crew

"At RKC, Dan explained what was going wrong with my Snatch technique in a way that was very clear and considerate. I didn't stand a chance of feeling bad, even for a second. Great instructor and individual. Go see this man, he really knows what's up. Thank you and looking forward to the next time! "

- Nick Jamyes, RKC

"I was tasked to put on an Employee Appreciation Event at Southwest Airlines. We wanted our Employees to feel pampered for all of their Hardwork and Dedication. We as a Company decided to provide Massages, Hair Cuts, a Meal, and a Trainer. When I thought of whom to get as a Trainer I decided to contact Dan Cenidoza. While I knew Dan back when we were in High School, I hadn't seen him since he began his Career in Fitness. The event was held at the BWI Airport, and I must say having Dan there was the highlight of the Day! Dan was motivational, knowledgeable, entertaining, and Professional! His Strong Man presentation can only be summed up as Amazing. I strongly recommend Dan for any Speaking Engagement needs that you may have. "

- Bianca Bennett, Southwest Airlines

"I started doing kettlebells with Dan Cenidoza about 9 months ago, and it has been the best fitness exercise I've ever experienced. Almost right away, I felt my body tighten up. I felt to be more toned and in shape from the start. The thing most surprising to me is the cardio workout that kettlebells can be. It is so good for you all around. Yes, you may be almost too sore to walk to your car after your very first class, but it is soooo worth it! Dan is an excellent instructor. He is extremely knowledgeable and very skilled in what he does. He knows how to encourage you to reach your fullest potential and knows just when to increase your kettlebell weight. When you leave his class, you know you have gotten an amazing workout and feel great about what you've done. As an added bonus, his personality makes the class so much fun. (Don't be surprised if he tells you to smile as you are swinging that bell!) :) I highly recommend Dan and kettlebells!!!! "

- Laurie Bender, Sales

"I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Dan for the first time at the Kettlebells For Warriors event in York, PA on July 10, 2010. Dan had graciously volunteered to do a bending demo at the event - and it was amazing! Dan is an awesome showman and phenomenally strong. His ability to capture his audiences attention and then mesmerize them with his bending skills is unparalleled. I'm anxious to work with him again and I'm already planning on having him back in 2010 as a featured presenter at 2011 Kettlebells For Warriors events. Great job Dan - you are the best!"

- Mike Krivka, Martial Arts Koncepts

"I had no idea training could be so physically demanding and fun at the same time. When the monotony of working out at the local gym became another way for me to waste my money Dan gave me a whole new perspective. Dan's infectious enthusiasm and expansive insight in all facets of physical training motivated me to the point of addiction. I have since purchased two kettlebells, with Dan's assistance, and can perform more exercises with perfect form (well maybe not perfect) to keep me in shape for a lifetime. The use of the kettlebell under Dan's tutorage has given me a functional strength that I would never have gotten on my own. Dan's affable personality and his desire for you to understand the functionality of the exercises seperates him from all the other trainers in the industry. Consider yourself lucky if you ever get the chance to have him take you through a training session, you'll be better for it. "

- Craig Bowman, Field Engineer

"Dan's enthusiasm for strength training is contagious. I was extremely pleased with the strides I made under his instruction. "

- Derek, Sales

"I met Dan a few years ago while attending the NSCA-PA Clinic at Juniata College. This year instead of getting into a heated discussion about nutrition Dan motivated me to get my RKC certification in Downingtown, PA. I honestly would not have made it through the weekend without him. I probably wouldn't have signed up either. Dan was a constant motivator the entire weekend pushing me and our team to work harder and pay attention to detail. My hands which could have been demolished were saved by his daily tape jobs as well. I am now officially RKC certified. Thank you! "

- Mike Rankin, Drexel University

"I learned a lot! Dan is a very good instructor!"

- Linda Mauler, Manufacturing

"We had an event for our Southwest Airlines employees and Dan was the star of the day. He provided helpful fitness information and put on a display of amazing strength. Our employees loved every minute of each presentation as the crowd could not stay away. We are thinking of future events to foster a total health and wellness program for our employees. He lives and speaks fitness. Nothing fake or phony or get thin quick stuff. Real work for Real results! "

- Adriene, Southwest Airlines

“I have known Dan for 10 years as his coach and friend. Dan is extremely dedicated and hard working. He works hard at his training and craft, has built an enormous amount of strength and also has the academic credentials to go with it. While most personal trainers never take a college class in exercise science and take the easy road with only certification, Dan earned his degree in the exercise field and knows his stuff. He has the hands-on knowledge and strength to provide good coaching to the world class lifter on down as well as the ability to teach in the classroom too. I believe that Dan is the type of person who will do great in whatever he puts his mind to and I highly recommend him.”

- Bob Whelan, Whelan Strength Training

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