Strongman Shows

A strongman show is display of strength that will entertain any audience.

  • Dan Cenidoza
  • Dan Cenidoza

Both amazing and inspiring, a strongman show presents a message of health and fitness like no other.

  • Dan Cenidoza
  • Dan Cenidoza

Speaking Engagements

Feats of strength capture the attention of all ages by connecting to the thought that nothing is impossible.

  • Dan Cenidoza
  • Dan Cenidoza

Book a strongman show for your office, school or sports team.

  • Dan Cenidoza
  • Dan Cenidoza

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“I was tasked to put on an Employee Appreciation Event at Southwest Airlines. We wanted our Employees to feel pampered for all of their Hardwork and Dedication. We as a Company decided to provide Massages, Hair Cuts, a Meal, and a Trainer. When I thought of whom to get as a Trainer I decided to contact Dan Cenidoza. While I knew Dan back when we were in High School, I hadn't seen him since he began his Career in Fitness. The event was held at the BWI Airport, and I must say having Dan there was the highlight of the Day! Dan was motivational, knowledgeable, entertaining, and Professional! His Strong Man presentation can only be summed up as Amazing. I strongly recommend Dan for any Speaking Engagement needs that you may have.”

- Bianca Bennett, Manager, Southwest Airlines

“Goosebumps ..... they kept running up and down my spine as I watched Dan. His composure, his focus, his determination, his strength, his technique .... all beautifully honed into an impressive human tool that bent and twisted hardened metal objects as if they were simply stubborn pieces of taffy. Dan’s humble approach in introducing himself and demonstrating his impressive skills made him the highlight of the day’s events. The horseshoe he straightened and re-twisted into a heart shape? It’s sitting on my desk at work .... a daily reminder of what 100% commitment can accomplish.”

- Bambi Christman, Senior Instructor, B2 Krav Maga

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Dan for the first time at the Kettlebells For Warriors event in York, PA on July 10, 2010. Dan had graciously volunteered to do a bending demo at the event - and it was amazing! Dan is an awesome showman and phenomenally strong. His ability to capture his audiences attention and then mesmerize them with his bending skills is unparalleled. I'm anxious to work with him again and I'm already planning on having him back as a featured presenter at 2011 Kettlebells For Warriors events. Great job Dan - you are the best!

- Mike Krivka, Martial Arts Koncepts

We had an event for our Southwest Airlines employees and Dan was the star of the day. He provided helpful fitness information and put on a display of amazing strenght. Our employee loved every minute of each presentation as the crowd could not stay away. We are thinking of future events to foster a total health & wellness program for our employees. He lives and speaks fitness. nothing fake or phony or get thin quick stuff. Real work for Real results!

- Adriene, Manager, Southwest Airlines

"I attended a Dan Cenidoza presentation for the NSCA and it was AWESOME! Going over the history and application of kettlebells for athletic performance, Dan was confident, thorough and innovative in his real-world presentation. Personally, Dan has helped me with the form on the base kettlebell exercises and has also provided instruction during countless strongman training sessions. Dan is relentless in his pursuit of knowledge and relentless in his mental toughness when training. That is inspiring!"

- Jim "Smitty" Smith, Diesel Crew