Exercising Your Lifestyle

by Dan Cenidoza, CSCS, RKC, AKC

In another article I wrote about ways of keeping yourself motivated. While of course it's important to be motivated to train, I'd like to take that thought one step further in this article and talk about how to incorporate training into your lifestyle.

Being strong is about more than just getting strong, it's about living strong. As my friend Kim Wood says, "True strength training is about incorporating strength into your life." Webster's defines strength as "the quality or state of being strong AND the capacity for exertion or endurance." Strength outside of the gym; physical, mental and spiritual strength. A strong personality. Call it what you will but it starts with changing the way you think about exercising.

Training is more than just something you do at the gym. It is a never ending process of self-improvement. You can Be-More. Think of all the ways you'd like to better yourself and chip away at them day by day. Make it a life-long commitment. Recognize the flaws in all aspects of your life and seek improve them. This is strength training, and it cannot be separated from healthy living.

Once you commit yourself to be-coming a better person, a stronger person, a healthier person; motivation to exercise is not an option. It's part of your life. It's just something you do. And you enjoy it!

You're always in training. It's not always lifting weights or running on the treadmill, but you're always moving toward your goals. Will Rogers said, "Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."

This is where the name "Be-More Training" comes from.

To be continued...