10 Ways to Stay Motivated

by Dan Cenidoza, CSCS, RKC, AKC

Many people have trouble staying motivated to exercise, most, if not all of the time. They usually find something else they'd rather be doing. And when you don't like to exercise, that's not hard to do. Here is a list of things you can do in your training and in your life to help make your exercise program a little easier to stick with:

  1. Stop saying you hate exercise! Telling yourself you don't like to workout will not make going it to the gym any easier. You're sending yourself subliminal messages that certainly won't make for a good workout, if you even make it that far. Better yet, tell yourself you enjoy working out (even if you don't)! Did you know that I "love" public speaking?
  2. Set goals. Set your mind on what you want to do. Get a clear picture of how you want to look, what you want to do or how you want to feel and write it down. You're much more likely to stick to your plan if you have transcended your thoughts onto paper. Actually taking the time to write down your goals makes you that much more serious about actually achieving them.
  3. Find a workout partner. Having a workout buddy can make a big difference in your training. Though you need to find someone who is serious. Someone who won't miss workouts. You should be able to hold each other accountable, but don't become dependant on the each other. If your partner misses a workout, you cannot let that hold you back!
  4. Find something you enjoy. If you don't like the activity you're doing, your not going to keep doing it. Notice I said activity, exercise doesn't have to come from treadmills and freeweights. Play tennis, go swimming, lift rocks, take long walks on the beach or do whatever it is that you enjoy doing; the important thing is that you do something physical on a regular basis, anything will do.
  5. Hire a trainer. Some people just need a little external motivation and a good trainer should be able to provide that plus make the workout more enjoyable. Money is also a big motivator, so once you pay a trainer for their services, you'll be sure to get what you paid for! Be-More Training offers both personal and online training to help keep you motivated.
  6. Ask for help from your friends and family. Tell them about what you're trying to do and ask them for their support. Ask them to hold you accountable... they'll be happy to give you a hard time for not sticking to your plan.
  7. Set a schedule. Mark on your calendar what days you will go to the gym and stick to it.
  8. Mental preparation. If you know today is a training day, get your mind set on what you're going to be doing. Tell yourself that you're going to have a good workout and know that you're going to feel good when you leave the gym.
  9. Eat healthy. Lazy and lethargic feelings are often caused by a lack of nutrients. If you have no energy because you haven't eaten today, or because you've eaten nothing but junk food, how can you expect to work-out? Let's not use "lack of energy" as an excuse to not exercise but let's not sabotage our workout with poor eating habits.
  10. Be creative. Whether it's in your workout or in your methods of staying motivated. Find something that you can do to make your training more attractive to you. We are all individuals and what might work for someone, may not work for you. Find what works for you!