Atlas Stones

18" atlas stones ranging from 220lbs - 300lbs, you specify the weight. $100 each. For pick up or local delivery only.

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$100.00 each call or email for delivery quote.

Stone Sizes

Captians of Crush Grippers

The Gold Standard of Hand Grippers. Whether you are rehabbing an injury, are just starting your grip training, or can already crack coconuts with your bare hands, there is a Captains of Crush Hand Gripper just right for you: ten different strengths, but what they have in common is the DNA that is the gold standard for building and testing your grip strength. Forget about the cheap, plastic-handled grip imports you played with as a kid, these hand grippers are the real deal: made in America, knurled, aircraft-grade aluminum handles fitted with IronMind's proprietary GR8 springs.

  • captains of crush
  • captains of crush

$20.00 plus shipping

Gripper Level