York Barbell Globe Dumbbells

Old school freeweight at it's finest - globe dumbbells! I acquired, and later sold a set of York Barbell Globe Dumbbells (shown below), all except for the 100 pounders which I kept for myself. I don't have much use for ANOTHER pair of 100 pound dumbbells but 100 YORK's were just too cool to let go of. Please do not ask me how much I want for these. I am not looking to sell but would consider ridiculous offers.

  • York Globes
  • 100 Globes

York Barbell Roundhead Dumbbells

I have York roundheads for buy/sell/trade. If you have any roundheads (or blobs) you would like to sell, or if you are looking to buy, please contact me and we'll see if we can work something out.

  • York
  • York Barbell Roundhead Dumbbells

York Barbell Blobs

Richard Sorin coined the term "blob" when he saw a 100lb York roundhead dumbbell broken in half. He said it would be an impressive feat of strength if any man could pinch lift the 50lb chunk of iron. I have blobs ranging in many different sizes and ocassionally have them for sale.

  • York Blobs
  • 100 Blob

Round Weights

I do some training with spherical weights. Shots, cannonballs and atlas stones can add new challenges to your training. We have 18" and 19" diameter molds and are capable of making atlas stones ranging between 220-300lbs. Click here for more information.

  • Pinch Bar
  • Pinch Bar

Pinch Bar

This is a piece of equipment I had custom made. The Pinch Bar is made from 2x4 rectangular steel stock. It is used for extra challenge to the grip, specifically targeting the thumb and open hand. I do curls, rows, cleans and deadlifts with it. I use it with both regular and thumbless grip, wide and narrow pinch, overhand/underhand... so many variations! I believe this is the single most versatile piece of grip equipment I have.

  • Pinch Bar
  • Pinch Bar

Inch Dumbbell Replica

Performing strongman Thomas Inch had a challenge dumbbell on which he had a standing reward to any man who could lift it. It was a solid cast iron dumbbell that weighed 172lbs and had a 2.48" diameter handle. Although many tried, no one ever claimed the prize offered by Inch. Even today, few man have ever lifted the bell off the ground. I am still working on it. The Inch Replica is not for sale. Inch Dumbbell courtesy of the Diesel Crew.

  • Inch Dumbbell Replica
  • Inch Dumbbell Replica