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A cover page is supposed to introduce a résumé to the reader. Since this is my online résumé and you the reader could be just about anyone; this cover page will be general and speak about my accomplishments both amateur and professional, in work and in school, in the gym and in competition.

This résumé contains all that I have worked for in fitness training, both as a business and as my own personal pursuit. I've listed everything that I feel is noteworthy. I am proud of everything listed. Of course, graduating college doesn't compare to closing grippers but the common theme is that I had to work hard for them.

It was Robert Collier who said, "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out" and that sums up what I've been doing for more than a decade. Everyone tells their own story; my story starts when I was overweight, out of shape, and I wanted to take my life into a new direction.

I started training in 1998. I had worked out in highschool but I didn't start training until 98. The difference in training is that it is serious and goal oriented. I didn't have goals in highschool. It wasn't until that summer did I set a goal to never stop working out. Thus began my training...

Like most people when they first get serious about exercise, my goals were aesthetic. After a few years of bodybuilding my focus turned to strength training. I became interested in all forms of strength and I started to read everything I could find on it. I quickly progressed from the magazine racks, to the internet, to library and when I found myself reading scientific literature I decided I might as well read textbooks too, so I went back to school.

I continued to train. I got stronger as I increased my knowledge. I began meeting people who would mentor me in training, in academics, in coaching and in competition. Before long my life became all about training with a delicate balance of my faith, family and friends. Within just a couple years I had created an entirely new life (a much better one) and it was time to turn my passion into a business. What you see in my online resume is everything that I have done to become a serious professional who has the education, experience and physical accomplishments to help others reach their fitness goals.

-Dan Cenidoza

-Dan Cenidoza, CSCS

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